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The High Tech Way to Keep Long Distance Relationships Hot!

There’s no way around it, long distance relationships can really suck! And making them work takes a lot of, well, work … Keeping phone dates, making time, and for some, keeping the romance alive with a little mutual playtime across the phone lines. For those that don’t necessarily feel confident with their dirty talk and not up to spilling it all over the phone, or even over Facetime or Skype, there’s a new way for you to stay intimately connected with your lover.

Companies like We-Vibe (checkout the We-Vibe toys), Kiiroo, and LELO (checkout the LELO toys) are devising and marketing new ways to play, building on their own best selling adult toys to provide app-based control. And with all the possibilities presented with Smartphone apps, these controls have turned into far more than simple remotes, enabling you to communicate with your lover through your sex toy.

Forget about trying your best to sound like a breathy phone sex operator, today’s long distance relationships are staying hot with the help of some high tech gadgets. And while you’re not likely to find these items at your local Dick Smith store, they’re well worth adding to your tech wish list.

Removing geographical barriers these apps and toys together create a method for keeping your love life alive while you’re lover is miles away. Different toys from different companies have varying functions, and what you’re looking for in your relationship will determine which new gadget to put on your list.

Employing the latest in teledildonics technology, toys from Kiiroo are designed to work apart or together, and perhaps the most ingenious aspect is that they can even control each other. With him utilising a masturbation toy, she’ll feel matching vibrations coursing through her toy while his toy contracts to match the pressure she exerts on the vibrator.

Taking the high tech love game into a new direction is We-Vibe who uses the free We-Connect app to enable lovers to make their own connection. Using the app you can control your toys vibration patterns, create new ones, and send your lover’s toy patterns to follow. It even allows for lovers to communicate via video while they play.

Each of these toys will enable a user to play by themselves, or give control to a lover in the room, but the best part is their ability to enable full control of your toy from across the world. Whether in another city or another country using toys like the We-Vibe and the We-Connect app or the Kiiroo let you control a connected toy and every vibration it puts forth despite the geography.

For those not looking for a replacement for phone sex, toys that don’t necessarily communicate over long distances but allow for individualised programs may be the way to go. LELO’s VIVE collection and similar toys don’t have the same capabilities of the We-Vibe’s but its app does allow for the creation of your own vibration patterns. And that means that you can design a special pattern for your lover to enjoy and think of you while you’re gone, or enjoying some of that old fashioned phone sex!


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