The High Tech Way to Keep Long Distance Relationships Hot!

There’s no way around it, long distance relationships can really suck! And making them work takes a lot of, well, work … Keeping phone dates, making time, and for some, keeping the romance alive with a little mutual playtime across the phone lines. For those that don’t necessarily feel confident with their dirty talk and not up to spilling it all over the phone, or even over Facetime or Skype, there’s a new way for you to stay intimately connected with your lover.

Companies like We-Vibe (view We-Vibe toys), Kiiroo, and LELO (view LELO toys) are devising and marketing new ways to play, building on their own best selling adult toys to provide app-based control. And …

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Learn From the World’s Leaders how to Rock Social Media

In a world of Kim’s and Kanye’s it’s surprising to find that some of the biggest Twitter handles are owned by some of the world’s major leaders. Giving us a glimpse into their jobs and lives, leaders like Barack Obama and Pope Francis have been able to show a more human side and reach millions of people. Barack Obama has over 58 million followers, and Pope Francis has an impressive average of 9000 retweets every time he types out his 140 characters.

Social media use by politicians has become extremely prevalent with a large majority of governments maintaining a social media presence in some form, and there use has lead to some fairly groundbreaking moments, like Hilary Clinton announcing her …


Whatever Happened to Hello?

You didn’t ask for it, so why is he sending a naked selfie?

If you’ve used an online dating site then there’s a good chance, especially if you’re a woman, that a potential suitor has tried to woo you with an unsolicited picture of his junk. In fact it’s starting to feel as though simply chatting with a guy on an app like Tinder, OkCupid, or Match.com is an open invitation for a guy to send a picture of his genitals.

Dating site Match.com looked at over 5500 singles in 2015 and polled them for their biggest turnoffs, and it turns out that receiving sexual photos ranks among the highest on the list. Mainly women were disturbed for …


Does Social Media Mean the End of Romance in New Relationships?

In recent times, yes, really, not that long ago, people met by chance at the grocery store or the bar, or perhaps a set up through a friend. They then got to know each other, learn about each other and hear it all in context. But times have changed, and to this generation the idea of going out on a date without first doing your research is unthinkable, never mind the idea of just “meeting someone”.

In fact in today’s society it’s almost easier to turn online and visit any of a growing number of online dating sites to find your perfect match. Sites like Match.com and eHarmony work with users and questionnaires to match potential dates with similar interests, …


Will Posting a Selfie Ruin Your Relationships?

If you have a social media account somewhere like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, there’s a good chance that somewhere out there is a selfie or two you’ve posted. The selfie craze started on Reddit around 2007 with the tag #selfy (view #selfy tags on reddit) and this simple self portrait is prevalent across the net with everyone from celebrities to astronauts on a space walk posting selfies for the world to like and comment on.

These common self portraits can be silly, serious, or anywhere in between, and can say a lot about your self confidence. But are they saying too much? Several recent studies say that may be the case, and that compulsive selfie posers may actually …